Urban SDK partners with the City of Memphis and MATA as Startup in Residence

Justin Dennis
November 16, 2023

Urban SDK partners with the City of Memphis and MATA to Build a Data Management Platform for Transit Planners

The Memphis Area Transportation Authority (MATA) is responsible for capturing real-time transit data which must be aggregated and analyzed in reports shared with the City of Memphis, federal agencies, and the public.

These reports help city leaders track changes in ridership demand, fuel usage, and more for internal decision-making purposes. The information is also made available to the general public as well.

Currently, MATA faces many challenges in conveying insights to stakeholders. By working with Urban SDK, they will have access to Smart Sync for real-time transit analytics, prescriptive and ad-hoc business intelligence that will help MATA and city leadership make more timely decisions regarding changing demand and resources.

Leveraging Urban SDK's experience in Smart City Data Management, Open Data platforms, Mobility Intelligence and transit data developer tools they will also improve how transit information is shared openly with their riders, the residents of the City of Memphis, and establish a protocol for app developers to assisting  with trip planning, payment, routing, and general transit innovation capabilities.

Urban SDK won a competitive solicitation process to collaborate with the City of Memphis and The Memphis Area Transportation Authority (MATA) as part of the Startup in Residence Program.

We are incredibly excited to partner with the City of Memphis and MATA to implement Smart Sync, our mobility intelligence platform, for the MATA transit planning team and the city's department of performance measurement. Data management is the critical first step to build a Smarter City and connect communities to better services. Our team is looking forward to implementing the baseline for transit data science, business intelligence, and machine learning to improve the quality of life for residents of the City of Memphis.

Urban SDK will join the Startup in Residence 2019 cohort, a program that connects governments with startups to solve government-led civic challenges. Startup in Residence (STiR) represents 28 local and state organizations across North America are addressing resident and organizational challenges that can not be easily solved through a traditional procurement process.

Urban SDK is proud to be selected as a civic innovator and applying our passion and technology to solve a major challenge across the world through civic engagement, mobility data science and machine learning, IoT, and process improvement.

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