Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Case Study

Transportation Analytics and Performance Monitoring

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Project Overview

By utilizing Urban SDK’s platform, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is able to aggregate data; configure, automate, and publish performance measures dashboards and maps; embed scorecards and annotations for interactive public communication in any website; access and manage a data warehouse for regional partners and analysis. Facing snow and ice season and flooding, KYTC used Urban SDK for a better understanding and presentation of their data to Cabinet decision makers and Kentucky lawmakers.

Urban SDK has aided KYTC with their automated reporting. The Cabinet can now make data-driven, actionable insights and share them internally or with the public. Our product bridged the gap between KYTC’s data and its reporting needs. Urban SDK’s ability to quickly and clearly visualize the client’s data using interactive maps, dynamic charts and scorecards with exportable data tables allowed their team to concentrate on designing and supporting a reliable, scalable, agile, and cost effective real-time data platform.


Data consolidation

Streaming and geospatial analytics for facilities, pavement and bridge conditions measures throughout the Commonwealth

Travel patterns

Data streaming and geospatial analytics for safety, speed, and reliability measures throughout the Commonwealth

Connecting departments

Establish a baseline data partnership with the maintenance department to implement additional big data analytics to complement other KYTC departments

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