Plan Hillsborough
Case Study

Data Platform for Performance Monitoring

Plan Hillsborough

Project Overview

In an effort to optimize urban planning, Urban SDK has partnered with Hillsborough MPO to index, monitor, and provide data to the MPO’s planning boundary, including all counties and municipalities. We have analyzed traffic data, provided tools that measure roadway performance, and produced reports that provide actionable information for roadway network management. As a cloud-hosted analytics and visualization tool to process data from various sources, including data from third party traffic data providers, we were able to aid the client with their decision-making processes.

Plan Hillsborough licensed Urban SDK’s connected mobility analytics tools, including performance measures dashboards, maps, datasheets, developer API, and exportable reports, to visually represent complex data simplistically. This has enabled Plan Hillsborough to more easily collaborate with regional MPOs along Florida’s west coast, the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg, and Florida Department of Transportation’s District 7.


Consolidate data

Identified transportation planning, safety, and reliability trends from numerous data systems

Optimization of performance measures

Configured performance measure analysis and reports for any county, road network, road or road segment in the MPO planning area boundary

Reporting automation

Monthly and annual performance measure reports

Streamline data

Data access across systems in one location for Ops, Planning and

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