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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Performance Reporting Operations

How Kentucky's Transportation Cabinet leverages Urban SDK for immediate access to data and reporting resources

Project Overview

What started out as a baseline data partnership between Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and Urban SDK has expanded to performance reporting, analytics, visualization, ETL, and a whole host of interactive dashboards. Outside of their core responsibilities, KYTC’s daily challenges are familiar to any organization: staffing, fire drills, shifting scopes, reporting, a need for reliable vendors.

To mitigate these challenges, stakeholders have employed Urban SDK to supplement a lot of the work they already performed in-house — data management, dashboarding, analytics. Rather than view a software platform as a competitor or conflict of interest, officials have viewed it as a complementary feature. KYTC officials found a company with similar vision to help achieve their growing team achieve big goals.

The largest boon for KYTC has been an ability to access federal reporting measures on-demand. Officials began their subscription by tracking bridge conditions on the nearly 15,000 bridges across the Commonwealth. They’ve since expanded further into performance measures such as Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled, and Interstate Travel Time Reliability for both trucks and non-commercial vehicles.

In working with Urban SDK, KYTC officials have solved several problems — from supplementation of staffing to immediate access to data and reporting resources — and found a vendor that delivers on what is promised.

Says one KYTC official: “That integrity is really important. And, of course, the functionality. All those things add up to a successful relationship.”

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The officials at KYTC are a self-admitted “growing team with big ideas.” When statewide flooding occurs, or if the Commonwealth is blanketed with an ice storm, officials work around-the-clock to understand their community’s needs and deliver support. This goes beyond standard data ingestion and monitoring. And yet, the data plays an integral role in their emergency response. Often there are several departments — from local to federal — involved in recovery efforts.

Another issue KYTC has faced is vendors is over-promising and under-delivering. For this reason, the agency is very diligent in its vetting process. Beyond standard functionality, officials measured how responsive Urban SDK’s team was by making precise requests.

Urban SDK responded by understanding the needs of all stakeholders, and then setting milestone dates. From there we determined the appropriate performance measures and data required — both from Urban SDK and KYTC — to build and create a custom dashboard. We then visualized KYTC and Urban SDK’s data into appealing easy to comprehend public dashboards that can be shared internally and with the public.

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By utilizing Urban SDK’s platform, KYTC has been able to aggregate data; configure, automate, and publish performance measures dashboards; create custom maps to showcase their data; embed scorecards and annotations for interactive public communication in any website; access and manage a data warehouse for regional partners and analysis.

When handling snow and ice season, and mass flooding, KYTC has used Urban SDK for a better understanding and presentation of their data to Cabinet decision makers and Kentucky lawmakers. The platform has enabled stakeholders to pull data from numerous State and Federal organizations under a single umbrella to quickly assess situations and serve the community.

Urban SDK has aided KYTC with their automated reporting. Thanks to a Big Query integration, the Cabinet has bridged the gap between its data and reporting needs. Urban SDK’s ability to quickly and clearly visualize the client’s data has enabled their team to concentrate on designing and supporting a reliable, scalable, agile, and cost effective real-time data platform.

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